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#159 - Korff

Warning: this article was written over 9 years ago, some information may be out of date.

I had never tried any Korff products before, so I took advantage of Amazon BuyVIP discounts to pick up a few.
First of all, the compact smoothing foundation, which I got in the colour 02, Amande: colour is practically perfect for me, and it spreads easily with the sponge provided; the first time I tried it, it seemed like I didn’t need to add anything, but during the day my skin became decidedly shiny, so the second time I added a very light layer of powder and it lasted all day perfectly. It does what it promises: smoothes the skin and evens it out.
I also took the 4-colour eyeshadow trousse in the 02 version, Purecharme: very pretty, they last the day but are not very writing, although the final effect is good, luminous.
Finally, I took two glosses Attitude Luce di Perla, in the colours Rose Passioné and Violet Mysterieux: they are very light glosses, the colour is just hinted at but very luminous, and they don’t stick, but of course, they last very little. In general, the brand is a classic; the packaging is exquisite and practical, and the performance of the products is good but not exceptional.

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