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February 2014

# 113 - Days a little like that

28 February 2014

Fatigue has had the upper hand over everything else, so as to make me completely forget to write this post. I also begin to have serious problems on finding topics to write about. Many things are happening, but most of these are not a public topic, and I can not...

# 112 - News coming soon

27 February 2014

My efforts this week are going to bear fruit. Once again, there are some choices at stake and it is not easy at all, also because I am not very willing to make easy choices but they do not take me anywhere. I prefer to make mistakes by choosing something...

# 110 - Signs of failure

25 February 2014

Last week was extremely demanding; this week, at least until Thursday, not the same but enough to get to today and feel the obvious symptoms of mental and physical fatigue, and have a beautiful day full in front. I hope not to collapse first, that it would not be nice.

# 109 - Try again, yoùll be luckier

24 February 2014

I just got official confirmation: that risk I was writing about did not help, and things went wrong. That’s fine too, because I’ve learned so many things, in general, and others that I’ll need for the next time. There are lucky people, good people, and those who are both, but...

# 108 - London Makeup Tour 2014

23 February 2014

I promised myself not to buy anything, and instead. But I not only came back with a decent booty, but I bought from the same brands last time (apart from Sleek, this time I preferred to avoid). From left to right in the picture, two eye shadows, a lipstick and...

# 107 - House of Cards

22 February 2014

House of Cards is particular in many respects: first of all, every season is released entirely in streaming from Netflix; the two protagonists, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, are both famous actors who have played more movies than telefilm; finally the series received numerous awards. In reality it has many...

# 106 - e.l.f. Mineral Personal Blend Foundation

21 February 2014

Since in fact mineral powders do not have a real expiration date, I thought it would be useful to buy all three available sets of this foundation to have available a good number of colors to use to make up other people . I took advantage of one of the...