I confess: I’m in love with books. I have a house full of books, beds, stretches, still to be read, historians, dictionaries, large and small encyclopedias, and so on. The book has always been a fetish, a sacred object of which, even now, I have profound respect.
This does not mean that you do not like ebooks: even those I have more than I will probably be able to read in my whole life. My Kindle is well crammed, and I confess I can’t resist when I see excellent books at 0.99 euros.
But there are some books that just don’t make sense anymore, considering the very little space left at home: high school books. If I never get rid of university students, also because I have often used them, objectively it no longer makes sense to keep the texts that are there without anyone using them.
To give them to a library, as I understand it, is not possible. I don’t even try to sell them, but before throwing them away (which makes me feel like they’re taking my blood off me) I give it a try: if someone is from Milan, and is interested in having them, I’ll gladly give them to him, just write me a message.
In the picture, you cannot read the title of the second book, which is The thought of the West. Pages and Testimonials, by E. Berti, S. Moravia, ed. Le Monnier.