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# 54 - Goodbye, two thousand acre

31 December 2013

Finally this year it’s going to end. Now I do not remember how many years, the end of the year tends to be a blessing, a way to say the point, I hope, we hope it goes better. All in all it went a bit better than 2012, I admit...

# 53 - The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug

30 December 2013

Good movie, mind you. Great special effects, some really wonderful scenes (for example when Bilbo climbs on the tree of Bosco Atro), the dragon is a Mr. dragon (pity but in the original version is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, another class compared to the ordinary dubbing of Luca Ward, but...

# 52 - The basic trick

29 December 2013

Finding the products to be used as a quick day’s makeup is not easy, and advice in this regard is never enough. Above all the main problem is the foundation, the foundation: the color, the tightness of the day, the covering of imperfections. Although I have also seen very negative...

# 51 - Sherlock

28 December 2013

Bella the film series starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, is not discussed. Carina the TV series Elementary, even if the original is little. But if you really love Sir Arthur Conan Doylès books, Sherlock is the series for you. In itself the idea seems uninteresting: a Sherlock Holmes...

# 50 - The Nutcracker

27 December 2013

I had never seen a classical ballet live in my life, I like the Nutcracker since I was about two years old, and seeing it on Christmas Eve is perfect; so when I saw the posters hanging in the subway of the show at the Carcano theater, I could not...

# 49 - Urban Decay Naked3

26 December 2013

Christmas brought me, in addition to coughing, a very desired gift: the Naked3. Live view is much better than all the photos you can find online (including those of the official site, which does not make the idea at all). I tried two colors yesterday, the first starting from the...

# 48 - Merry Christmas

25 December 2013

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GitList, the git repository viewer for lazy

24 December 2013

I got to use git for work, and since then I fell in love with it. I have discovered with pleasure that DreamHost, the provider I use for personal projects, including this site, provides a git installation. So I decided to import all my personal projects under git, and I...