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Visualizzare solo gli articoli dell’ultima settimana in WordPress

16 Dicembre 2013

Piccolo ma potente trucco riportato da WpRecipes: un filtro per mostrare solo gli articoli dell’ultima settimana.
Basta copiare e incollare il seguente codice:

$query_args = array(
	'w'    => date( 'W' ),
	'year' => date( 'Y' ),
$posts = get_posts( $query_args );

prima del codice che visualizza i risultati (il cosiddetto loop).

View only the articles from the last week in WordPress

16 December 2013

Small but powerful trick reported by WpRecipes: a filter to show only the articles of the last week.
Just copy and paste the following code:
$ query_args = array (
‘w’ => date (‘W’),
‘year’ => date (‘Y’),
$ posts = get_posts ($ query_args);
before the code that displays the results (the so-called loop).


le trecce di xlthlx

22 April 2019

Does our culture over-prize motherhood? Yes – and it has become worse, we’ve slid backwards. Motherhood is thought of as a choice but some people have that choice taken away. I’m always shocked when people ask: “Have you got children? Why not?” I’ll think: I don’t want to explain that to you. Or: “You’d make […]

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