Good movie, mind you. Great special effects, some really wonderful scenes (for example when Bilbo climbs on the tree of Bosco Atro), the dragon is a Mr. dragon (pity but in the original version is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, another class compared to the ordinary dubbing of Luca Ward, but this is another matter).
But there is no way: I definitely suffered seeing it.
Already the first one was quite disappointing, but to invent a character (Tauriel) and invent the love story with Fili, two attacks by the orcs, and many other things that if I did the list I would not finish it anymore, no.
No, and no, do not give rhythm to the film, and no, do not make it more affordable to the general public.
The only result, for me that I read the book, is a continuous irritation that lingers even in the most beautiful parts, and that made me even distract from the vision.
Those who have not read the book and have only seen the film, will lose the sense of the book, which is not only the story of the antefatto fantasy of The Lord of the Rings, but also the story of the maturation of the protagonist, very similar to a novel of training. It’s a fairly short book, born as a children’s fairytale but suitable for all ages, which I would highly recommend reading.
At this point I’m worried about what the havoc will be done in the third film, and I’m very doubtful whether or not to take, when they come out, the extended versions of the films, which will not do it justice.
More than loosely drawn from, to say freely twisted senseless by.

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