So yesterday I waited in vain all day for a wonderful package full of new tricks I had taken on the fly using a 50% discount on elf.
They were my prize of the week, the light of my eyes, the best playmates of my brushes.
I had carefully chosen what to take, selecting colors and sizes.

At around 5 pm I check the shipment and I find myself facing this:

SDA Shipping tracking

No one has played, nobody has signed, let alone me, my package has vanished into nothing.
I then called SDA (for a fee), which told me to contact the seller who had to request a proof of delivery. I, therefore, wrote an e-mail to the customer care of e.l.f.

This morning I got the curiosity to see again the status of my package (or better: in the meantime, I did a search on SDA and I read all the possible cases, and in the possibilities, there was also this, that is that the package automagically reappears).
And herès what I see:

SDA Tracking: Shipping tracking

I call SDA again (always for a fee), and they tell me that last night the transporter asked him to delete the previous status and to report that the address was incorrect.
Obviously the address was NOT wrong, I confirmed the address, I made him put a note on which was the right bell (bell that other couriers, including SDA himself, had no difficulty finding during the last month).
They put it back on the expedition.
Bets are open on what will happen next week.