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New year, new theme

Warning: this article was written over 11 years ago, some information may be out of date.

I started the new year by making a clean sweep of many of the old objects in my home, and I don’t need them anymore.
No good intentions, just facts: I cleaned up the studiòs bookstores, including the boxes that are piled up above, taking out books, old pieces of computer science, and so on. Last night we were also greeted by some ancient pieces of furniture that had been so long I thought of throwing away (by calling the special service for special waste, of course).
The renewal operation will continue in the coming weeks, a bit to make room (even mental), partly because I realized that if I had to decide to move again, for any reason, many things would not have survived anyway.
It will still be a long job (I switched to crockery and pots, I will also switch from tablecloths and sheets), but it gives me a lot of satisfaction.
I then changed the template to this blog because it was time to have a theme responsive (I didn’t do the theme, it’s called CyberChimps and you can download it for free from the WordPress themes directory).
It is not very different from what was there, always very clean and simple; maybe I’ll make some changes here and there. But I am also quite satisfied with this. And as I have already written about social these days, Paris, London, Dublin.
We have forwarded: the intentions for 2013.

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