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New Year's Eve

Last year, and the year before, I railed against the year ending and hoped for a better year.
What happened was that from year to year, things got worse.
This year I have railed against the year all year (I apologise for the horrible pun).
Now that it’s ending, I’m sad to see it go this year....

Goodbye, Instagram

General premise: I hate Facebook dispassionately, I find it poorly made, invasive, useless and often irritating.
If I still have an account (I opened it in 2007, suspended it for a while and then reopened it), it is only because part of my family and some friends are there, or rather, they are only there. And because I, unfortunately,...

A great classic

I don’t usually talk about politics, but this time they really went too far.
All of them, not one in particular.
And so I, too, was reminded of a famous cover from a few years ago, which has now become a great classic.
I would be tempted to ask Sandy Claws that they all go home for Christmas,...