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August 2012

The little things

18 August 2012

Sometimes it happens to be happy for the little things that happen to you by chance, and that despite all this feeling of well-being goes on for days. Three of them have happened to me, and I’m still glad they happened. I saw by chance a beautiful vase handmade by...


06 August 2012

In the end I surrendered to the idea of ​​having to call 118 and get me to the emergency room, again, last Thursday. I’m on cortisone therapy (and luckily they did not give me any anti-inflammatory, finally) until August 14th. It’s better (but I do not say it too loudly,...

I allowed myself

01 August 2012

I allowed myself to think that all in all my health was not going so badly. I even allowed myself to train a bit with the exercise bike. I thought taking a long walk through Milan as if I had been a tourist would have done me good. I also...