I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon

Avrei voluto scrivere un post

21 Febbraio 2012

Ma non ho niente da raccontare.
Il lavoro procede, la fisioterapia pure, il sonno aumenta in modo esponenziale, le letture aumentano, il Kindle è bellissimo.
Passerà anche questo Febbraio.
Voi state bene?

I wanted to write a post

21 February 2012

But I have nothing to say.
The work proceeds, physiotherapy as well, the sleep increases exponentially, the readings increase, the Kindle is beautiful.
This February will also pass.
You are fine?


le trecce di xlthlx

22 April 2019

Does our culture over-prize motherhood? Yes – and it has become worse, we’ve slid backwards. Motherhood is thought of as a choice but some people have that choice taken away. I’m always shocked when people ask: “Have you got children? Why not?” I’ll think: I don’t want to explain that to you. Or: “You’d make […]

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