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Remove the default widgets from the WordPress bulletin board

23 December 2011

Here is a simple topic a few days in advance of the usual publication schedule. With this script you can remove all the widgets that are on the WordPress bulletin board; it’s very useful when WordPress is used as CMS. To prevent the script from being loaded into the template,...

Insert the highlighted images in the WordPress feed

19 December 2011

Let’s say that you want to retrieve from your site in PHP (not necessarily in WordPress) title, permalink, summary and image of one or more post of your blog in WordPress. If the need was then to lay out these elements at will on your page of the site, it...

Insert custom variables and rewrite URLs in WordPress

12 December 2011

Pretty permalinks are one of the most valuable features of WordPress. The interesting thing is that you can also use them when you need to use custom variables, for example, into a plugin. In my case, I had to connect, for the contents of the page, to an external SOAP-like...

Avoid spam by entering an email in WordPress

05 December 2011

If you need to insert an email into a page in WordPress, one possible method is to create a page template and insert a code similar to this: <a href="mailto:<?php echo antispambot('', 1); ?>"> <?php echo antispambot('', 0); ?> </a> antispambot is a WordPress function that only converts email characters...

Living with an android

28 November 2011

After a few years of honored E71 service and an iPod Touch first version, I finally managed to buy a smartphone worthy of the name, and store both previous devices. The cell phone in question is the Samsung Galaxy S II, to which I added almost immediately a 32 gb...

Intercept errors in WordPress

21 November 2011

If you are using shared hosting, you will generally not have access to server logs. In some cases it is useful instead to read the error log to find out why something does not work. This trick allows you to track errors without showing them in the pages: just add...

The sense of online presence

19 November 2011

I care, maybe because I did it in the past, to explain some things about this blog. Those who read and still read my personal blog through feed will find themselves a bit ‘displaced by the fact that the old feed now brings him here, or what I have always...

Ah, yes, I forgot

17 September 2011

It’s from September 1 that I no longer have a nose piercing. Out of laziness: I had to remove it to do the MRI, I could not put it right away, and now it’s closed. After 9 years of honored service, a prece.