I break my silence only to say that to reiterate the point this year is worse and worse in every respect.
Two weeks of pain, twice at the doctor’s, pumped full of drugs that have served no purpose other than to make me bloated and full of allergies, then to the emergency room.

Reduced the physiological lordosis. Slight arthritic notes in the inter-paophyseal area at the lumbo-sacral passage. Asymmetric narrowing of the L5-S1 and, to a lesser extent, L3-L4 disc space width. Diagnosis: acute low back pain.

Five days at home, seven in total, four intramuscular painkillers/cortisone + muscle relaxant.
After a straight neck, I now also have a straight back.
On the third injection, and not before, the pain finally seems to be starting to disappear.
I just have to say one thing: what a fucking shitty year.