I break the silence just to say that, just to reaffirm the concept, this year is getting worse, in every respect.
Two weeks of pain, twice by the doctor, filled with drugs that have served only to make me swell and fill with allergy, then to the emergency room.
Reduced physiological lordosis. Slight arthrotic notes in the inter-paophyseal position at the lumbo-sacral passage. Asymmetric reduction of amplitude of the L5-S1 disc space and, to a lesser extent, L3-L4. Diagnosis: acute low back pain.
Five days at home, for a total of seven, 4 intramuscular painkiller / cortisone + muscle relaxant.
After the neck straight, now I have a straight back.
At the third sting, and not before, the pain finally seems to be starting to disappear.
It only comes to me to say one thing: what the fuck of shit year.