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January 2011

It's time to finish it

26 January 2011

Every day, for some time, I have a summary of how my friends are, like a war report. Some of them desperately look for a job and find offers like 1 month of non-renewable contract. Others who are jobless and do not even find those offers. Others do not pass...

A quick trick: what to do if you do not display a page template

24 January 2011

Those are the simplest things that can waste a lot of time (and often unnecessarily). In this case, it may happen that you create a page template for WordPress but you can not view it in the list of available templates. The easiest way to solve the problem is: go...

Junk life

18 January 2011

Ah, the life of the consumerist – buying something in a shop, eating out – going home poorer and sadder than before.

We start badly

14 January 2011

Only two lines to say that this year has not begun badly, no. It started badly. I hope it’s going better for you.

Good 11

02 January 2011

The first of the year, which this year was a special date (1/1/11, although it will be more resounding on 11/11/11, but there is still the whole year ahead), it was the best opportunity to go see Tron: Legacy. The film deserves a lot, it is also a bit ‘zen,...