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New year, new theme

31 December 2010

For the end of the year I wanted to treat myself to a new theme made with my own little hands.Nothing spectacular, just something simple, which I will also use for all the other sites/blogs I have.There is only one image, everything else is done with Google Fonts. UPDATE: thanks...

Letter to Sandy Claws

06 December 2010

Dear Santa Nachele, last year I didn’t ask you for a new job but that things didn’t get worse, in general, for everyone.I have the impression that we didn’t understand each other very well: I changed jobs twice this year, but things just seemed to get worse.Maybe it’s just my...

Quickly customising the WordPress login page

06 December 2010

WP Engineer is doing the Advent Calendar again this year: a trick/suggestion for WordPress from 1 December until Christmas. I report here one of those tricks because I find it simple and functional: customise the login page, in particular the link, logo and name above the form where you enter...

In a sentence

27 November 2010

The life I am living does not even remotely resemble the life I dreamed of.

Six years

22 November 2010

It has been six years since formally this blog came to life.In six years it has had ups and downs, but it is still there.So much has changed. In the beginning, I started throwing everything here that I could not express anywhere else.Then there was a happy period when, since...

All the day to you

19 November 2010

The Egyptian doctor who runs the physiotherapy centre where I have been every morning from eight in the morning for the last two weeks, has a very strong accent but speaks very good Italian.He is always kind and treats all the people, especially the elderly, who crowd that place.I noticed...

Action will be taken shortly

12 November 2010

If there is one thing that really pisses me off, it is to give trust and in return to be teased.I always forget that when dealing with a company, any company, not to trust is a must.Yet I made the same mistake again.And now I can only blame myself.