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February 2010

Closed for holidays

Yesterday I got the expiry notice for this domain, and I was just about not to renew it.
Not only that: I wanted to annihilate xlthlx.
Delete everything: all the domains, the blog, tumblr, twitter, and so on.

Then I thought about it, I thought about all the times I closed and reopened,...

Meet me in Milan

Tumblr Meet Up

We will be at the Tumblr Meet Up in Milan tomorrow and afterwards.
I would have liked to attend the two previous editions as well, but time/lack of time did not allow me to.
There are at least a couple of people I’m happy to meet, having read their Tumblr for so long.

Facing fear

This morning, after this blessed week of absolute boredom, I went back to work.
As I left the house, the shadow of the pain I had had last weekend made itself felt.

I thought it best to do the three floors of the underground at a fast pace, all via stairs, something I had never done before,...