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I was thinking*

The hairdresser informs me by text message that she gives free haircuts, the landlord can be reached by e-mail, the plumber has his website, I made the dentist’s website, with all her contacts in plain sight, including her mobile phone, and contact hours.
Years ago, it seemed that things like this would never come to Italy; now that they are a reality,...


Like in a film you’ve seen many times before, a high fever sets in as soon as the holidays are over, and I have to go to the doctor. During the holidays, of course.
The limbo of the days between Christmas and New Year strikes again.
Strangely enough, I booked my doctor’s appointment today, perhaps because there is no doctor but a substitute (with such an unlikely name that I would report it if it were not for respect for other people’s privacy)....

Merry Christmas

For Christmas, give yourself a present: support Wikipedia.

support Wikipedia

Beware of Carmen

WordPress has been updated to version 2.9 (codename Carmen), and yesterday the Italian localisation also came out.
Although it is now straightforward to update, a preliminary check must be made in this case: this version of WordPress, in fact, only supports MySQL from version 4.1.2 or higher; version 5.0 is recommended.
Regardless of your maintainer,...

Additional functions for WordPress

Over time I have collected a few functions that I use practically all the time.
I reproduce them here in case they are helpful to anyone.
You probably don’t need them if you don’t understand what I’m talking about.
They should be inserted in the functions.php page of the template, inside the PHP opening and closing tags(<?php and ?>)....


For the series: here’s a serious moment; I point out two events for tonight in Milan.

The first, at 6 p.m., is the presentation of Edizioni Arpanet‘s MiniComics series to journalists and the press at the Temporary Store in Via Stampa 8, where PV will also be present, for his book ‘Donne e Danni… Collateral Damage’....

The Advent Calendar

It’s been a few days (or maybe a few weeks? I don’t know/can’t remember) since I’ve been following this handy WP Engineer Advent Calendar.
Every day the gift for those who read the site is a WordPress tip or trick.
I highly recommend it because I haven’t found one that wasn’t interesting so far.

Minus eight

My serious connection problems are not over yet.
The mirage is the upcoming holidays that will come with Christmas, and I hope to finally be able to sleep for at least 24 hours straight.
I mean, it’s not that I wouldn’t have cute and funny posts to write; it’s just that they only stay in memory for a nanosecond....