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Musical notes

Although particular dynamics are well-known to me, they still amaze me.
It all stems from a message that says:

Who is in the Milan area and likes classical music and wouldn’t mind a concert ticket?

Me, heck.

And so it was: despite the public transport strike, we arrived a good five minutes before the start of the performance.
Despite having seen the renovations years ago, I had never been to the Auditorium laVerdi, and I must say that I was really impressed, especially by the acoustics.
But I also appreciated the presence of only enthusiasts, who listened in perfect silence, when more than once at La Scala, the concert was punctuated by background chatter and mobile phones.

The concert was excellent, although I suffered slightly from the out-of-time winds during Schubert’s La Grande.
Good conductor, which of course, not everyone can be Solti, good violin and cello.

In short, I must thank Zurich Tourism for introducing me to the Auditorium, which also has a good season, and for the beautiful evening.

I’ve always seen Zurich in a hurry, for work, apart from a short trip to the lake, and I’ve got the urge to listen to the music I’ve always loved, ever since I was a little girl.
And so I have the feeling that in December, nothing will stop me from going to hear Tchaikovsky, my first great musical love.

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