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Like a turkey singing I will survive

Yesterday I made my first video with the E71: the lights they put up on the Sforzesco Castle in Milan.
I like them so much that I stopped at least thrice to look at them, so making a video (which gives the idea but nothing more) was the least I could do.
Doing these things, which I have always seen others do without being able to do them myself, gives me small but significant satisfaction.
It’s just that at a time like this, when the next three days’ holiday in a row will be at Easter and in the meantime, I don’t have to think about it but turn my nose up at it and get on with it, even the slightest thing that can make me forget is a great thing.
Everything is accepted here, even a comment on this blog read by my rabbit and converted into positive energy.
More and more, however, I have the (unpleasant) impression that I am a turkey singing I will survive a few days before Thanksgiving: hoping for miracles is terribly childish.

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