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Happy New Year

29 December 2008

[photo by ° Giulietta °] 2008 was a strange year. It is said: year bisest, fatal year. I tried to understand what brought me good, and good things are really very few. One, very important, that changed my life. Before loving, I have never lived fully. Emily Dickinson On the...


27 December 2008

After having spent a tremendous work eve, Santa Nachele brought me many presents, three of which were unexpected. One is the one I deserve less, but that has made me finally less technodisable: this wonder. The other two gave me the impression that they had agreed before, but it is...

Gift idea

22 December 2008

Since the games along the lines of Monopoly this year go crazy, my advice is this magnificent strenna for which we must thank Metilparaben: Vaticanopoly, to print, cut and play to the point of nausea, and / or to give to their friends for Christmas. Very suitable for those who...

Letter to Santa Nachele

19 December 2008

Dear Santa Nachele, It’s so much that I do not write you, I know. I do not know if this year I think you were good, you see. I am writing to you because I really need you. Do you remember the gift I asked you? It never got me,...

Hello there

16 December 2008

Here is the classic post to say: I am there, I have not disappeared, it’s just that I don’t know what to write. There are bad news and good news, but nothing striking. I could only say that I don’t hear much about Christmas this year, with the crisis that...

Nuntio vobis

10 December 2008

I interrupt the transmissions (ehm) to signal that finally also Mendez has a blog. Yes, yes, ok: I mention it because, in addition to being an excellent work colleague for me, is a very well prepared person (from whom I learned so much) and intelligent, but also an excellent designer....