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Happy New Year

29 December 2008

Photo by Giulia Torra 2008 was a strange year. It is said: leap year, funeral year.I have tried to understand what good things it has brought me, and the good things are very few indeed.One, very important, that changed my life. Before I loved, I never fully lived. Emily Dickinson...


27 December 2008

After a terrible work eve, Santa Nachele brought me many presents, three of which were unexpected.One is the one I deserve the least, but which has finally made me less technodisable: this marvel.The other two gave me the impression that they had agreed beforehand, but that is simply impossible*.If I...

Gift idea

22 December 2008

Since games along the lines of Monopoly are all the rage this year, my recommendation is this magnificent strenna for which we have Metilparaben to thank : Vaticanopoly , to print out, cut out and play ad nauseam, and/or to give to friends for Christmas.Perfect for those who have been...

Letter to Sandy Claws

19 December 2008

Dear Sandy Claws,I haven’t written to you for a long time, I know.I don’t know if you think I have been good this year, you see.I am writing to you because I really need you. Remember the present I asked for? I never got it, but obviously the post office...

Hello there

16 December 2008

Here is the classic post to say: I am there, I have not disappeared, it’s just that I don’t know what to write. There are bad news and good news, but nothing striking. I could only say that I don’t hear much about Christmas this year, with the crisis that...

Nuntio vobis

10 December 2008

I interrupt (ahem) to point out that Mendez finally has a blog too.Yes, yes, OK: I am pointing him out to you because, in addition to having been a very good work colleague for me, he is a very knowledgeable person (from whom I have learnt so much) and intelligent,...