After having spent a tremendous work eve, Santa Nachele brought me many presents, three of which were unexpected.
One is the one I deserve less, but that has made me finally less technodisable: this wonder.
The other two gave me the impression that they had agreed before, but it is simply impossible *.
If I have not congratulated you by phone or text message, please know that I have had problems with the phone book for a couple of days, now resolved: it is not exactly a walk from one phone to another.
I swear I’ll do it again, as soon as I can.
I’ll do it short: it was really a nice Christmas, with a small but nice tree full of presents.
Now we start to prepare to resist the next three working days (we work until 31, the undersigned of sure until 18).
But the real question is: what name to give the pig in the middle of this trilogy?

* a big thank you and a kiss to Myled, untimely and surreal.