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SMS templates

The human mind is an unfathomable mystery, particularly the functioning of memory.
On the other hand, there must be forms of madness that have not yet been adequately probed.
I do not argue about the actual usefulness of having SMS models on mobile phones; I accept the fact that they exist.
I remember that they exist every now and then, especially when I am waiting, and I have nothing better to do than play on my mobile (which happened yesterday).
The fact is that I have changed all the texts of the models, and I no longer remember where or when.
On why it is probably better that I do not investigate.
But I wanted to share these great classics with you; maybe they will come in handy (the message already exists in italics, I added the rest).

  1. Sorry, I am busy. Like a dead phone.
  2. I love you. But also not.
  3. I will arrive at the hour of never the day of the then.
  4. Call me, please. Also, for displease.
  5. Please tell me how to get to that country.
  6. Please video call me!
  7. Sorry, I’m late. Like the state railways.
  8. Where are you? But above all, is there room?

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