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April 2008

lucky them

22 April 2008

** warning: post with a high content of controversy, not suitable for the touchy and the weak of intellect. ** When I was given the link to this event [uao! Al Gore would gladly meet Italian bloggers!], I didn’t think about things like a fall in style a fall in...

Earth Day

22 April 2008

[It’s just like that, for your information].

Just saying

21 April 2008

Among the things you can do with a Eee, I tried one that I hadn’t thought of before. Yesterday on the train I found to my disappointment that my mp3 player showed no signs of life. Since the sockets that are on the trains, as I was able to ascertain...


17 April 2008

(Find all the information on dedicated blog. Who knows who the idiot is at 1:56 with the horns and purple stockings but they are not seen. I told you I would make a fat figure of s, huh.)

Once, upon a long time ago

17 April 2008

After several second thoughts, this morning I listened to an old song. One that meant a lot to me, when the record was released and in the years to come. Even though things have changed a lot, even for those who sang it (sic), for me it remains a point...

Nothing else to declare

14 April 2008

Although it will officially start in two days, the events linked to Fuorisalone in Milan have already begun. One of the most interesting events, which will run until May 4th, is Peter Greenaway: Leonardòs Last Supper. (no, wère not talking about elections here, sorry). Update I forgot to also report...