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22 December 2007

I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

Charity evening

30 November 2007

The undersigned participated in the initiative by creating the invitation. The original, with the complete data, is found here.

That tune

20 November 2007

Which has stuck in my head since yesterday, and will torment me today. About yesterday evening will write he wrote brilliantly the diligent .mau., whom I thank very much for inviting me (I saw him take notes on my PDA, I swear). So I limit myself to saying that Morgan...

A Valda a day

14 November 2007

Yesterday I finally received, after thinking that if they were mugged, the box with the tablets Walda. Yesterday 42 days was before Christmas, as the diligent .mau. reminded me. Well yes, I too fell into the vortex of throat marketing. Here are the first impressions. xlthlx: do you want some...


13 November 2007

So. I also enjoy (and I emphasize have fun) looking at my position in the ranking of BlogBabel. I enjoy following the discussions, even if I have never entered into the merits, for a very simple reason: the rankings as far as I’m concerned always leave the time they find,...


12 November 2007

I was reading this post on how to choose a man, and I basically agree, on part time too. However as far as I’m concerned there is an essential prerequisite: You must never, ever think, when speaking, here is the usual idiot.

Tell the truth

25 October 2007

I noticed that the daily visits to this blog have increased, by those 2 or 3 more visitors per day. So I officially launch the delurking day and I ask you, my silent visitors, who read the feeds or pass by but never commented, leave me a greeting, or if...