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August 2007

Sorry for the seriousness

29 August 2007

194 is now thirty years old, and it looks like it. Maybe it needs a check. In my opinion some people should have their brains reviewed before they write. You can’t say that the law needs review and then add immediately after that. that part of 194 concerning prevention has...


26 August 2007

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The patonza

21 August 2007

[…] from the PCs of Palazzo Chigi, at 10:23 am last December 14th, an anonymous member of the Prime Minister’s Office changed the term “patonza”, obviously fundamental voice for the government’s strategies (eleventh line). It’s nice to know how our money is used.

Lonely traveler

20 August 2007

The lonely traveler does what she wants when she wants, decides her times, her ways. The lonely traveler wakes up early in the morning and decides where to go. The lonely traveler does not feel alone because she is so busy watching around her and meeting so many people. The...


01 August 2007

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