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Yes, I confess

Our import process is so frustrated about this that he commits suicide…
I had a server commit suicide today.
A prayer....


A thousand books free for Milan.
This is the great party launched by Bookcrossing Italy, which today will leave a thousand books at the ATM line 30 stops, chosen because it runs along the entire city center.
Alle 6pm today “we will be in piazzale Aquileja at the terminus of tram 30. When we are all there,...


Nothing wrong if your company has as its brand and name that of a large felid widespread in Central and South America.
Not even that, your average buyers are past middle age, and as a company, you try to keep them loyal with a programme to make them feel pampered.
But that someone thought of, someone else allowed,...

Holy words

In all the idle chatter in this matter, which I will not go into because I would honestly say unfounded things not being sufficiently informed, my only thought was masterfully expressed in the following sentence:
When commenting on a woman’s work, one can never see her professional qualities alone....

We need to gear up

Italy’s first funeral home is born.
Damn, I have to change my will....

Shameless publicity

NovaMagazine, a daily online magazine of information and culture, is born.

If what passes on the screens is therefore a series of expressions of our online world, how does this world work? What animates it? What are you hiding? Who lives there (besides us, obviously)? These are some of the questions behind NovaMagazine.


I cannot fail to report the horoscope of the week....