Barona, Quarto Oggiaro and Giambellino are the first areas to be dealt & agrave; the mayor L. M. *, who took up residence yesterday at Palazzo Marino, experimenting with “neighborhood social projects”.
from Milan Metro today

therefore, social projects of queriere is about reclaiming areas from non-EU citizens? no, to know.
criticism aside, what amazes me a lot is that propose to move the needle and thread of Piazza Cadorna in a park, because they look like a foreign body to the square. that has a minimum of aesthetic sense? maybe having done the 6×3 lancome has helped her to understand what is beautiful and what is instead a havoc [just like the vomitevole needle and thread of poor piazza cadorna]? it is really true that sometimes miracles can happen.

* no, however I can not write the name, it is stronger than me.