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April 2006

We change [more or less]

28 April 2006

[21:00] Mik: hi: D [21:01] xlthlx: good evening [21:01] Mik: but do you dine like chickens or do you dine in front of the pc? [21:01 ] xlthlx: co-coccode ‘! [21:01] Mik: ah here [21:04] Mik: meanwhile I’m deleting emoticons [21:04] xlthlx: uigo [ 21:05] xlthlx: highly intellectual occupation [21:05]...

Happy Birthday to me

07 April 2006

[16:21] Mik: when is your birthday? [16:22] Mik: that is, don’t do what you tell me one day, I wish you well and you do me: idiot it’s in a month < br> [16:22] Mik: because I swear that I am pissed off [16:22] xlthlx: but that day I will...


05 April 2006

I can’t, I really have to … Forgive me. and there are many other balls. Pippo Baudo encourages Fiorellòs listeners, who interview him on Radiodue, at go “to vote like so many balls”.