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No two without three

Che Gioia

Considering the number of people who came under the Pirellone today, I’m almost starting to think that Milan deserves to have the Gioia forest cut down.
The fact is that they will do it, no matter what we do.
Deceit made, law found, as Rocco Tanica says.

New year, new vine*

2005 doesn’t want to go: it even seems to last a second longer.

*that is what they say on New Year’s Eve among robots. Asimov rulez.

Invitation to listen

Rembò by Davide Enia in collaboration with Fabio Rizzo. Curated by Renzo Ceresa.

From Monday to Friday at 1 pm on Radio 2.

when Renzo Ceresa, the curator of this program, talked to me on the phone about the possibility of carrying out an investigation into one of my idols of all time, the footballer Rembò,...

Stories of Ordinary Madness

The boss shouts from the office: M!!! How do you spell senz’altro?
(N.B. she boasts a degree…)
M: With an apostrophe!

On the other side of the cupboard, a colleague’s voice says:
M, do you have a degree in Italian?
No, I am a native speaker.

(Steel and I were under the desk laughing)...

As promised

But who is this advertising face from Lancôme going to be?
Maybe a mature beauty for an anti-wrinkle cream?
No. Have the stomach to click on the photo at your own risk.

indovina indovinello

Of course, seeing her in the morning, when you have yet to wake up,

Arms stolen from the cabaret

Men can also be subjected to violence by women. In ’93 a woman pounced on me, she tore my shirt but I, who was stronger, managed to push it away. So I can understand the sense of frustration …

I was ashamed for him before, but now we are just ridiculous. But above all ignoble....

Letter to Sandy Claws

Caro Babbo Nachele, si, lo so, ti ho già fatto una richiesta, e che rimanga tra me e te. Sono cosciente del fatto che rientra nell’ambito dell’altamente improbabile, perciò ho deciso di chiederti qualcosa di molto differente. Mi piacerebbe un prostituto*, dentro un pacco sotto l’albero di Natale. A pagamento,...


I feel like a couch.
I know how you feel.

(I have meant to write this useless post for a long time.)