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no, again this year nothing Smau.

in the morning limbo it causes chronic lethargy and a gloomy day, as well as pain in the backside due to the hopping* of the night before, I noticed that I still have, among my junk, a beautiful object: orange candies Navigoben, a remedy against nausea from Internet surfing. I don’t have this powerful memory to remember the year in which this gadget was distributed, but since the price in lire is still there it must belong to that period in which Smau was not yet synonymous with the scazzato verse of a Sardinian cat (which then : but who has ever seen a piece of furniture in the whole fair?). So, I’ll try, take a look at the program. you never know, maybe this year there is no horde of screaming kids for the playstation or the stands. maybe there are still serious things (like the Monster Palace demo) and semi-serious but nice things (like the aforementioned gadget, which was nothing more than the advertisement of an Italian portalone).
pia illusion.
two pavilions, I mean, two pavilions

(15 and 16) entirely dedicated to the consumer area of ​​the exhibition where Smau Gaming will also take place, the event dedicated to the world of video games that will host the Cyberathlete professional league world tour (international online gaming competition).
Among the major attractions of Smau 2005 – in addition to the station for measuring cell phone emissions created by the Postal Police – there is certainly the stand where it is possible to take the command post of a jet of the “tricolor arrows”, the national aerobatic team “and things like ‘Growing with ICT’ or ‘Digital Lifè.

you will be digital, I prefer to live.
and the God of Telematics looks at us sadly saying: there is no more religion.
no, again this year no Smau.

* dance, dance class. mischievous.


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