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June 2005

Batman begins

19 June 2005

Premise: I have always loved Batman, of all superheroes, and the funny way of presenting him in the cinema. And this also made me adore this film, which has the advantage of being comic but less obvious than it could be. Indeed it’s a lot different from Tim Burton’s Batman....

Up close, no one is normal

14 June 2005

Tonight at 21:45, Stefano Benni will be at former psychiatric hospital Paolo Pini as the narrator of Pompey, by Andrea Pazienza, also accompanied by live music with Camilla Missio [for information: 02-66200646].

Call to vote

10 June 2005

This is an invitation to go and vote. Voting is a right but also a civic duty. It is one of the few ways we have to make our voice heard. I would propose a reflection to those who intend not to vote: think if the quorum was reached anyway....


07 June 2005

I’m fascinated. But is it just me who didn’t notice? I’m on my way home, and as usual, I take a seat in the rear carriage of subway 3. Strangely enough, the carriage is almost empty. Do you know the sign above the driver’s door indicating the destination? Yes, that...

Live long and prosper

04 June 2005

I arrive at the theatre half an hour early and go to see how much the tickets cost. I approach the entrance, and he was there. he greets me, and he complains of a sore throat, like a real star. we chat for a while, and he recommends me to...