What will ever unite these two articles?

Allow me

president of Confindustria Lombardia

>Bill Gates has declared that Italian companies suffer from a large technological gap.
What are the industrialists responding?

>>That we already know.
We are fully aware of this.
But the gap concerns more What else is the country system.

>Do you play the usual blame game?

>>No, the fact is that Bill Gates is not very informed.
The average Italian company is no less developed than others on a technological level.
What is missing are infrastructures. Just think of the spread of the internet, which is much slower than the rest of Europe with us.

>Di So who is the responsibility?

>>I believe it is a natural social process.
Over time we will cover this gap.
Of course if for example, the PA does not release documents via the internet, there is a long way to go.

>Bill Gates has also launched an alarm on the low number of western students in scientific subjects. Do you agree?

>>Yes, we are in a more ‘humanistic’ country, where the faculties of communication sciences are filling up. Scientific ones are more difficult, and few want to devote yourself to it.

>But companies invest little in research and for young people, there are few job opportunities.

>>This is not true.
The problem is that in Italy there is a very low level of graduates.
You think we are at 17%, against a European average of 30%.


Milan Metro, p. 2


Italian teachers and engineers are among the lowest paid in Europe.
Worse than they are in fact, only the Portuguese colleagues, who are last in the ranking among all the states of Euroland.
At the other extreme, Luxembourg’s teachers and engineers
who can instead count on a net salary of about
three times. higher than that perceived in Italy.
The calculations were made by An, which according to Istat data.

Milan Metro, p. 3